Robert Luskin, Melissa McDaniel Defense Trial Victory

Attorneys at Goodman McGuffey LLP go for the win and win big! After a four day trial in Clayton County, a jury returned a full defense verdict for Robert Luskin and Melissa McDaniel.

The case, styled Alissa R. Turner v. Air Freight Atlanta, Inc. and Thomas Blakely, CAFN No. 2015CV00756D, involved a wheel detaching from a box truck and sideswiping Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff claimed an injury in the incident and brought suit against the company which owned the vehicle as well as the employee driver personally. Plaintiff alleged the company and driver were negligent for causing the incident and for failing to properly maintain and repair the wheel. Plaintiff also sought punitive damages against both Defendants.

After three days of argument both parties rested and turned the case over to the jury. In the early afternoon of the fourth day the jury returned a full verdict for the clients, vindicating both the company and the company’s driver of all claims against them. This was a very fulfilling win for Robert and Melissa, but it was an even more fulfilling win for the small company and dedicated driver, who have been involved in this case since 2013.

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